Mecarmy SGN7 Cree XP-G2 550lm USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight+Alarm+Power Bank
Mecarmy SGN7 Cree XP-G2 550lm USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight+Alarm+Power Bank

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Personal Alarm
SGN7’s personal SOS alarm is an excellent crime deterrent. At 110 decibels, it’s ear-splittingly loud, it’s annoying, and it lets others know that something is wrong. By disorienting an assailant, it gives either of you time to end the situation and escape to safety.
(To activate the alarm + emergency strobe, press and hold the triangular alarm button.)

A maximum 550-lumen LED travels almost 400 feet ahead, plenty of distance to maintain your safety. Shine the emergency strobe to block the vision of an approaching assailant or animal. Click once for LOW, twice for MAX, and three times for STROBE. Click and hold to cycle through all settings (Low/Med/High/Max).

Emergency Portable Charger
The flashlight's lithium battery can also give your smartphone a quick boost to make a crucial emergency call. Plug your device cord into SGN7’s USB port to start charging your smartphone.

To maintain SGN7's safety features, the USB output stops automatically once its battery capacity falls under 30%. Even if you give your phone some juice, you’ll still have power for your light and alarm.

  • USB rechargeable multifunction flashlight
  • Can be act as emergency power bank to charge your phone around 5-10%
  • Rechargeable 650mAh lithium polymer battery (Pre-installed)
  • High quality die cast alloy shell built for endurance
  • Size L75.5mm ×W34.5mm ×H14mm, Weight 58g
  • Charging time: 1hours (charging current 1A/5V)
  • Impact Resistance 1.5m, Waterproof IPX-5


  • 550lm (44mins), 120lm (2.33hr), 20lm (15.67hr), 1.55lm (117hrs)
  • Peak Beam intensity 3579cd
  • Max Beam distance 120m

Package includes (with original packaging):
Mecarmy Flashlight
USB Cable

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