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HaikeLite MT07 Buffalo Cree XHP70 N4 5000lm LED Flashlight
HaikeLite MT07 Buffalo Cree XHP70 N4 5000lm LED Flashlight

Price: US$95.00

Product Code: MT07

LED Color:


Note: The light only fits semi button top unprotected battery, such as Sanyo GA 10A 3500mAh 18650. Sanyo GA 3500mAh works best with this light, good performance and max runtime. Flashlight kits come with Sanyo GA 10A 18650.
—Emitter: CREE XHP70 N4 CW 6500K CRI75 or N2 5000K NW CRI80
—Aluminum Alloy body with HAIII Anodize black surface Finish
—Battery: 4x High Drain >10A semi button top 18650 (NOTE: The flashlight is a bit picky with batteries. only recommend semi button top unprotected 18650; Sanyo GA 3500mAh 18650s works best, we supply the battery at low price)
—Double Electric side switch ; One for ON/OFF , One for mode-changing
—Deep and Big Aluminium light-OP Reflector
— Ultra Clear Double-sided AR coated toughened Glass lens (99%light transmittance)
—Double O rings; IPX8 Waterproof(test passed );
—With standard Tripod hole
—Max Brightness: CW 5000 Lumens ; NW 4500 Lumens
—Shot distance: 750 meters
—Max Runtime: 98 days on moonlight mode
—Current Regulation; Without Visable PWM
—Brightness Level:
Low Low 50lumens 228hrs ;
Low 450 Lumens 32hrs ;
Middle 1200 Lumens 18hrs ;
High 2300 Lumens 10hrs;
Turbo 5000 Lumens 8hrs ;
Moonlight 0.3lumens 98 days
— Timed Themal regulation Step down; Turbo 5000Lumens -- 5 minutes (thermal control) step down to 2800 Lumens
Mode memory in above levels Double click Turbo—5000 Lumens (quick access to turbo at any status)
Hidden moonlight--- 0.3 lumens ;
Hidden Stroble – Hidden SOS
Size: 173mm length x 86mm Head x 55mm body
Weight:750 Gram
Switch 1:
Single Click-on ; Single Click-off ;
Quick Acess Turbo (Double click switch 1 in any status to acess; easy to access)
Long-press to Strobe; Long-press again to SOS; Single click to previous memorized mode
Switch 2:
Low Low-Low-Mid -High-Turbo (single click to change modes ; with last mode memory)
Hidden Moonlight 0.3 lumens (fast double click switch 2 to acess moonlight, Single click to previous memorized mode)
Memory modes: Low Low-Low-Mid -High-Turbo + OFF
Lockout function: Click+hold switch 2 to lockout the light; Repeat to unlock. Loose the head a bit to lockout also available
Power indicator:
100%~50% Blue LED ON
50%~9% Blue LED flash twice every 10 seconds
9%~Turn off Red LED flash twice every 10 seconds
Indicator LED is off on Moonlight mode to extend the max runtime.
Internal parts:
72mm inner wide x 68mm deep Reflector (make it a super thrower)
35mm Haike Copper DTP Emitter board
18 AWG thick copper+silver wires
8mm thick internal emitter-sitting disk
Double Silver-plating copper-alloy springs

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